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2018 Stonecutter Zinfandel

Single Leaf Vineyard and Naylor farms

El Dorado


Varietals: Zinfandel, Carignan, Mataro, Petit Sirah

Farming: dry farmed

Soil: decomposed granite, volcanic veins

Elevation: 2600-2900

Clones: heritage sierra cuttings


Yeast: feral

punchdowns: 2x daily

Skin contact: 2.5wks

Whole Cluster: 9%


Vessel: Concrete, puncheon, stainless

Time on Lees: 14 months

Racked: once

Aged: 15months

P.H.: 3.6

A new take on a classic California style zinandel, Pairs up or down nicely from picnics to Sunday dinners. Lighter bodied with rustic edges this zin has a youthful outlook with an old soul.

Price: $$22